“Just a small switch can have surprisingly good sustainability effects”


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624 kgs of CO2 equivalent emissions avoided – that’s the same as from 45 mature trees, or more than a return flight from Shannon to London.

Note: These stories are examples of actions that just one person has taken: it is up to you to choose sustainability actions that suit your own personal circumstances.

My personal sustainability action was…

I gave up cows milk 2 years ago and switched to Irish-made (Flahavans) oat milk. I still eat cheese and eggs, it’s just the milk in my teas and coffees I swapped.

Why I made this change

I did this so as to reduce the carbon footprint of my diet.

The impact of the change

I worked out that I’ve saved 624kg in carbon emissions from the switch. That’s the same as planting 45 trees. That’s from making an unnoticeable change in habits. I’ve offset the carbon emissions from my annual¬† trip to watch Chelsea!

Tips and advice for sustainability actions

Just a small switch can have surprisingly good sustainability effects, but make sure you source your sustainable products as close as possible to home.

Please don’t make any major dietary changes without consulting your doctor

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