Measure your ecological footprint

Measure your ecological footprint

This tool will help you measure and then improve the impact of your choices on sustainability

Our Ecological Footprint tool is currently in development by Energy Co-operatives Ireland Ltd and Galway University, and undergoing extensive testing by our community advisors and partners. Please join our mailing list and we will let you know when it is ready to use.

What is an ‘ecological footprint app’

An ecological footprint app is a tool that enables someone to assess their environmental impact and measure their ecological footprint.

‘Ecological footprint’ refers to the amount of land, water, and other resources that are needed to sustain a person’s lifestyle, taking into account factors such as food consumption, energy use, transportation, and waste production.

Our ecological footprint app will use a series of questions and calculations to determine your ecological footprint. This will involve inputting information about lifestyle habits, such as how much energy you use at home, how often and how you travel, and what kind of food you eat.

Once your ecological footprint has been calculated, the app will be able to provide you with recommendations for reducing your environmental impact. This might include suggestions for reducing energy consumption, using public transportation, or choosing more sustainable food options.

The ecological footprint app will be a useful tool for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact and live a more sustainable lifestyle. By providing a comprehensive assessment of your ecological footprint, the app will help you make more informed choices about daily habits and actions.

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