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About Climate Connected

This project seeks to build an easy to use toolkit which supports communities to take a number of steps necessary to build climate action. There will be supports to build a decarbonisation committee for the community including a decarbonisation plan for the local area. This will include supports to engage the people of the community to measure the carbon intensity of a myriad of behaviours and actions of residents’ lifestyles.

Our latest Sustainability Success Stories: from Individuals and Communities

Home Coffee Maker Sustainability

"Small actions, like encouraging your friend make a change, helps"Location Galway City  Name Ailbhe Useful Links Carbon Footprint of Different Kinds of Coffee Preparation Coffee: here’s the carbon cost of your daily cup – and how to make it climate-friendly Impact:...

Brian made a simple easy switch

"Just a small switch can have surprisingly good sustainability effects"Location Galway City Name Brian Useful Links Oat Milk Environmental Impact - Overherd Measure Air Travel Emissions. Teagasc Report on sustainable diets: balancing personal and planetary health...

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image illustrating committee building by showing five people holding hands in a row with speech bubbles in which are shown interconnected jigsaw pieces

Build a Community Structure

Getting an effective team together is a vita lstep in the community journey to sustainability. Our tool which is being devised by University of Galway in collaboration with three decarbonisation zone groups in Galway, Sligo and Mayo will support you in achieving this. To find out progress on the tool and to be sure you are infored of when it is ready, join our mailing list

Aran Island Energy Co-operative Team Photo showing seven men and women sitting at a table and smiling to the camera


Some communities and individuals, just like yours have already made great progress on the journey to sustainability, you  can see these stories here. Keep in touch and soon you or your community could have it’s own decarbonisation story to tell

image illustrating the concept of an ecological footprint by showing a persons footprint divided into sections of varying areas and assigned to recycling, fuel, waste, etc

Discover Your Ecological Footprint

Our Ecological Footprint tool is currently in development by Energy Co-operatives Ireland Ltd and Galway University. Please join our mailing list and we will let you know when it is ready to use. In the meantime find out about the sustainability impact of your behaviour choices

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Finding out how other communities have progressed their decabonisation journey is a great way of getting inspiration and making connections. Join our community network by signing up to our newsletter

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This project is supported by the Irish Government through funding from Pobal