Stakeholder Mapping


citizen participation, community groups, dialogue, planning, co-operative, committee, policy makers, public, engagement, education,

The stakeholders usually involved in improving community sustainability can be based in government or international bodies and organizations. But they can also be local organizations and groups or even just be local people with key skills.

To maximize your chances of achieving sustainability as many of these as possible should be engaged. The Stakeholder mapping tool helps you map out how much your group is currently engaging with key stakeholders and, more importantly, where it will be beneficial for you to focus your activity in reaching out to new stakeholders.

In this resource devised by Energy Co-ops Ireland and Trinity College provides tutorials which takes you through the main steps of creating your own local Stakeholder Map.

Find the Stakeholder Mapping Tool here (opens off-site)

Target Audience: Sustainability Committee Members, community groups.

Video of Mapping Tool Guide

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