The energy transition to energy democracy (RESCOOPS)

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This discusses the role of renewable energy sources cooperatives (REScoops) in the energy transition to energy democracy. REScoops are organizations of citizens who invest in renewable energy projects, giving them a say in how their energy is produced and consumed.

The document delves into the history of REScoops, tracing their origins from rural areas to their widespread adoption in recent years. It also highlights the challenges faced by REScoops, such as opposition from established energy companies.

Target Audience: Anyone seeking insights into the role of citizens in the energy transition, Policymakers seeking to promote renewable energy and energy democracy, Energy Co-op founders




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Who is this for?

This document is intended for anyone interested in the energy transition and the role of renewable energy cooperatives (REScoops) in it. It is particularly relevant for policymakers, citizens, and community groups who are looking for ways to take control of their energy future.

Useful Questions this can answer

  • What are REScoops and how do they work?
  • What are the benefits of investing in renewable energy through a REScoop?
  • How can I start a REScoop in my community?
  • What are the challenges facing REScoops and how can they be overcome?

Additional Valuable Info & Insights

  • The document provides a historical overview of the role of citizens in the energy sector, from the early days of wood gathering to the current wave of renewable energy cooperatives.
  • It discusses the convergence of crises that is driving the need for a new energy model, including the challenges of climate change, peak oil, and economic instability.
  • It highlights the success of REScoops around the world and provides examples of how they are making a difference in their communities.
  • It offers recommendations for policymakers and citizens on how to support the growth of the REScoop movement.


Renewable energy, Cooperatives, Energy transition, Citizen participation, Community energy, Sustainable energy, Decentralized energy, Democratization of the energy sector

In-Depth Yet Practical

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January 29, 2024

A concise, example-rich guide. Great for quick learning!



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December 20, 2023

Really loved the bit about empowerment


An interesting read

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December 20, 2023

Found the practical suggestions useful

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