Managing Virtual Meetings for Group Leaders

This guide is designed for community group leaders, offering extensive advice on organizing and conducting online meetings using various platforms like Zoom, Teams, and WebEx. Topics covered include scheduling, invitation management, meeting management, troubleshooting broadband issues, and locating additional resources.

Target Audience: Community groups organisers, with a specific focus on those affiliated with Muintir na Tíre.


Niall Garvey CEO Muintir na Tíre

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Who is this for?

This is designed for community group leaders, to help them organize and conduct their meetings online.

Useful Questions that the material can answer

  • How can we ensure that all members of our community group are able to access and participate in online meetings?
  • What training or resources are available to help our group leaders become proficient in using online meeting software?
  • How can we make our online meetings as effective and engaging as our in-person meetings.
  • What additional supports are available for older members of our community who may be less familiar with digital technology?

Additional Valuable Info & Insights

The document provides links to additional resources and support, such as training programs from Local Development Companies, online courses from Carmichael, and the Age Actions’ Getting Started KIT for older people. It also includes information on where to find support if group members are having difficulties with online meeting software.


Online Meetings, Community Group, Leaders, Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Scheduling, Guidance, Support, Broadband, Training, Resources

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