The Wheel – Governance Guide

Overview: This in a comprehensive governance guide for community and voluntary organizations. It explores numerous governance facets including the roles, conduct, and development of governing bodies. Additional resources such as appendices, a glossary, and a governance checklist are provided.

Target Audience: Governing bodies within community, voluntary, and charity organizations.


Author: The Wheel
Year: Second edition April 2013
No. of pages: 64

Who is this relevant to?

The material is designed for governing bodies of community, voluntary, and charity organizations. It aims to provide guidance, best practices, and resources to help these entities in their governance roles. (Page 3)

Additional Valuable Info & Insights

The document emphasizes the importance of clear and focused documentation, the use of visual aids, and the necessity of thorough editing to ensure clarity and relevance. It also highlights the ongoing responsibility of the governing body to ensure that the organization follows strategic and business plans, and that all documents are consistent with overarching plans.

Useful Questions that this resource can answer

●    What are some of the challenges faced by governing bodies in community and voluntary organizations?

●    How does The Wheel’s guide help governing body members improve their practice?

●    Provide examples of regulations that organizations need to comply with?

●    Do you know what your organization’s legal status is?

●    Are the choices your organization made for its structure and status still valid?

●    Is the governing body following the requirements of the governing document?

●    Is your organization regulated, and if yes, by whom?

●    Does your governing body have the knowledge and procedures to ensure compliance with the requirements of regulators?

Key contents/ key words:

Governing Body, Structure and Status, Governing Document, Charity (CHY) Status, Regulators and Compliance, Planning, Internal Policies, Human Resources Management, Financial Resources Management, Effective Meetings, Subcommittees and Working Groups, Governance Checklist, Resources and Publications, Legal Documents, Accountability and Transparency

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