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A comprehensive guide on best practices, strategies, and guidelines for community and voluntary groups. This guide covers essential topics such as procurement, volunteer management, grant applications, and public relations.

Target Audience: Community and voluntary groups in need of guidance and strategies to enhance their operational and management practices.


Vincent Lyons


Galway County Community and Voluntary Forum


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Who is this for?

Community and voluntary groups, providing them with guidelines and best practices to enhance their operations and effectiveness.

Useful Questions this can answer

·         How can a community or voluntary group effectively manage its procurement process?

·         What are the best practices for managing volunteers in community organisations?

·         What should be considered during the grant application process?

·         How can a community or voluntary group effectively manage its public relations?

·         What are the legal and administrative responsibilities of committee members and officers in a community or voluntary group?

Additional Valuable Info & Insights

The booklet emphasizes the importance of clear financial management, stating that the finance section is crucial, especially for new groups. It highlights the need for transparency in fund control, decision-making processes on spending, and the necessity of regular account auditing.


Community and Voluntary Groups, Procurement Process, Managing Volunteers, Grant Applications, Public Relations, Legal and Administrative Aspects, Financial Management, Meeting Management, Strategic Planning, Communication

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