Community Futures Steps Map

This document lays out a strategic initiative focusing on energy saving, carbon reduction, and sustainable development, outlining the crucial steps and highlighting the importance of community awareness and action in combating climate change.

Target Audience: Communities engaged in the Community Futures program, as well as stakeholders and individuals interested in sustainable development and climate action.





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Who is this for?

This is an infographic about the Community Futures Programme. It is useful to anyone interested in climate change, sustainable development, and energy efficiency. It provides guidance on incorporating climate action into community planning and development.

Useful Questions this can answer

·         How can communities integrate climate action into their planning and development?

·         What are the steps involved in the Community Futures program?

·          What supports and resources are available for communities, households, and SMEs to promote energy efficiency and sustainable development?

·         What are some successful examples of communities engaging in energy-saving and carbon reduction initiatives?

Additional Valuable Info & Insights

– The document emphasizes the need for a bottom-up, community-led approach while integrating climate action into community thinking.

– It highlights the role of Community Champions and the importance of forming Sustainable Energy Communities.

– The document provides practical examples and case studies to illustrate how communities can actively participate in climate action and sustainable development.


Community Futures Program, Mayo, Climate Action, Sustainable Development, Energy Efficiency, Active Citizenship, Local Democracy

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