Setting Up a New Community Organization

Get thorough guidance on how to set up a voluntary or community organization. This document covers important topics like how to identify your community’s sustainability needs, how to form a dedicated team, deciding on a suitable organizational structure, and addressing practical issues related to financial management and launching. . Additionally, it provides information on different organizational structures, such as unincorporated groups, charities, and companies limited by guarantee, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Target Audience: Individuals and groups interested in establishing a community or voluntary organization.







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Who is this for?

Targeted towards individuals or groups interested in setting up a voluntary or community organization. It provides detailed guidance on various aspects of establishing and running such an organization.

Useful Questions this can answer

  • How do I start a voluntary or community organization?
  • What are the different organizational structures available for such groups, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?
  • How do I find and recruit people to join the organization?
  • What practical issues need to be considered when setting up an organization?
  • Are there existing organizations or resources that can help me in setting up a new group?

Additional Valuable Info & Insights

The document emphasizes the importance of not duplicating the efforts of existing organizations and encourages individuals to search for and join existing groups if possible. It also highlights the need for clear communication when recruiting volunteers, to ensure that people understand they are being asked to help set up the organization, not just to receive support from it.


Voluntary/community organization, identifying the need, finding people, choosing a structure, practical issues, useful organizations, recruitment strategies, unincorporated groups, charities, companies limited by guarantee

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