A Guide to Setting Up and Running a Residents Association

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While this booklet serves as a detailed guide on creating and effectively managing a Residents Association, it’s lessons are applicable to any community organisation. It details the roles and responsibilities of committee members, financial management strategies, meeting practices, and the importance of community representation.

Target Audience: Individuals and community groups in early stages of development.


Sligo Public Participation Network (PPN)



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Who is this for?

The material is designed for individuals and groups interested in establishing and managing a Residents Association. It is particularly useful for community members seeking to enhance local relationships and improve their living environment.

Useful Questions this can answer

  1. How do we set up a Residents Association?
  2. What are the roles and responsibilities of different committee members?
  3. How should we manage the finances of the Association?
  4. What are some tips for conducting effective meetings?
  5. How does the Residents Association interact with local authorities?

Additional Valuable Info & Insights

The guide emphasizes the importance of being representative of the community, encouraging participation, and ensuring transparency in financial matters. It also highlights the need for effective communication and the benefits of building strong local community relationships.


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