Stakeholder Engagement Guide

A guide on stakeholder engagement within energy communities. It delves into governance building, risk management, and strategies to spark enthusiasm in neighborhoods.

Target Audience: Individuals or organizations partaking in stakeholder engagement, especially within energy communities.


Stanislas d’Herbemont




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Who is this for?

This is for individuals in groups involved in stakeholder engagement, particularly in the context of energy communities. It provides guidance on how to engage stakeholders effectively and build a successful energy community.

Useful Questions this can answer

·         Who are we? What do we want to achieve together? What are our common objectives?

·         How do we constitute the early group of stakeholders?

·         What resources do we have, and what are we missing?

·         What barriers will we face, and how can we overcome them?

·         What are the key components of the legal context section in stakeholder engagement?

·         How does the COOLKIT project aim to raise enthusiasm in the neighborhood?

·         Can you explain the importance of stakeholder mapping in the context of the COOLKIT?

Additional Valuable Info & Insights

It emphasizes the importance of understanding the social environment of the neighborhood, utilizing available technologies, and adhering to environmental regulations and legal norms. It also highlights the need for clear communication and engagement strategies to ensure the success of the energy community.

Key words

Stakeholder Engagement, Energy Community, Governance, Risk Management, PESTEL Analysis / SWOT Analysis, Neighborhood Enthusiasm

Motivating and Practical

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January 29, 2024

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