REScoop Guide for Stakeholder Management

A manual detailing the engagement and management of stakeholders within renewable energy cooperatives (REScoops). It outlines initial steps for REScoop initiation and provides tools to enhance citizen participation.

Target Audience: Individuals initiating REScoops, local communities, and local authorities.


REScoop 20-20-20 consortium



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Who is this for?

This is targeted towards those wishing to set up a Renewable Energy Co-operative, local communities, and local authorities, to help them encourage citizens to join and get involved in Renewable Energy Co-operative projects.

Useful Questions that the material can answer

  • How can we effectively engage and manage stakeholders in a RESCoop?
  • What are the necessary steps to initiate a RESCoop?
  • What tools and mechanisms can be employed to foster citizen involvement?
  • How can we ensure effective governance and management within the RESCoop?
  • What strategies can be used to finance the RESCoop?

Additional Valuable Info & Insights

The document emphasizes the importance of collective action and community involvement in renewable energy projects. It provides practical tools and examples to facilitate stakeholder engagement and ensure the successful implementation of REScoops


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January 29, 2024