Community Project supported by Pobal launches in Ballina, Co Mayo.

This project seeks to build an easy to use toolkit which supports communities to take a number of steps necessary to build climate action. There will be supports to build a decarbonisation committee for the community including a decarbonisation plan for the local area. This will include supports to engage the people of the community to measure the carbon intensity of a myriad of of behaviours and actions of residents’ lifestyles.

community sustainability connected launch mayo

Subsequent to measurement the CONNECTED toolkt will give supports for local campaigns on interpretation, dialogue and reflection on how to achieve low carbon behaviours, practices, and actions.

Learning by doing and norm activation are powerful drivers of action. Our toolkit hosts stories and case studies of climate action at both the individual and community scales. Climate change challenges that demand community action are very diverse. We build supports to achieve the climate action pathways that have been identified through our responses to community suggetstions and queries across a range of climate change issues such as erosion, flooding economic fairness, and habitat protection.