Dialogue and Engagement Hub B

This resource will help you build engagement, stimulate local dialogue and boost community participation.

The tool is currently under construction by our community expert partners. It is published, but not linked to on the site and so is private.

Most of the resources are under Resource 1 (except those that were originally classified as ‘RIPEET’ resources which have their own section) until we sort them into the appropriate catagories

Find out about what the resources are below

Resource Type 1

Full set of tools for engagement tool


these examine the challenges to this specific area of community action, and  provide guidance on how to overcome them.

Access the tools here>>

Committee Planning and dialogue toolbox

Exercises such as self-reflection practices, stakeholder mapping, foresight methods, and the identification of needs


 To help you and your sustainability group to develop useful connections, to create fruitful and effective dialogue, and to facilitate clear planning  of your sustainability actions.

Access the tools here>>

Resource Type 3

Getting an effective team together is vital in the community journey to sustainability.


Resource Type 4

Guidance on how to set up a voluntary or community organization