RIPEET Transition Labs Handbook


citizen participation, community groups, dialogue, planning, co-operative, committee, idea, evaluation, decision making

The handbook delves deeper into the Transition Lab approach for energy transitions. It provides a structured methodology on setting up, managing, and sustaining Transition Labs, emphasizing co-creation, stakeholder engagement, and regional energy innovation. The handbook offers practical tools, including method cards, to facilitate this process. It integrates Responsible Research and Innovation principles, highlighting collaborative efforts in pilot regions. This comprehensive guide is designed for those actively involved in Transition Labs, aiming to innovate and collaborate in energy transition initiatives.

The method cards, along with additional ones and templates, make up the content of the RIPEET Toolbox, an online resource available at

Target Audience: Sustainability Committee Members, community groups.

Authors: Mona Enell-Nilsson, Wolfgang Haider, Juuso Jääskeläinen, Sonia Mena Jara, Arto Rajala, Khuram Shahzad, Gabriele Quinti, Tim Willemse. 

Publisher: University of Vaasa (UVA) 

Year: 2022 (Date of submission: 30.6.2022) 

No. of pages: 40 

Who is this for:  Actors involved in Transition Labs for energy transition, policymakers, and communities interested in collaborative energy innovation. 

Useful Questions this can answer:  

  • How to set up and manage Transition Labs?  
  • How to engage stakeholders in energy transition?  
  • What are the best practices for regional energy innovation? 
  • How to measure the impact of Transition Labs on regional energy transition? 

Additional Valuable Info & Insights: Includes method cards and examples from pilot territories, emphasizing the importance of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in energy transition. 

Keywords: Energy Transition, Transition Labs, RIPEET, Responsible Research and Innovation, Stakeholder Engagement, Regional Energy Innovation. 


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