Cleveland Neighborhood Climate Action Toolkit

A guide designed to empower Cleveland residents and neighborhood groups in climate action initiatives. It elaborates on the Cleveland Climate Action Plan, encouraging local engagement and project development. The toolkit focuses on utilizing neighborhood strengths and addressing local concerns, integrating climate action with broader community goals. It serves as a practical resource for community development corporations and residents, guiding them in creating impactful, locally-tailored climate action projects. This approach highlights the significance of community participation and sustainable practices in addressing climate challenges at the neighborhood level.

Target Audience: Neighborhoods, residents, and community groups.




Sustainable Cleveland, (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)


Sustainable Cleveland,

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Who is this for?

Community development corporations, neighborhood organizations, and residents interested in climate action in Cleveland, but wth wider applications

Useful Questions this can answer

  • How to integrate climate action into neighborhood goals? 
  • What are the assets and concerns of a neighborhood related to climate action?  
  • How to develop a neighborhood-specific climate action project? 
  • How can neighborhoods get inspired to create their own climate action initiatives? 

Additional Valuable Info & Insights

The toolkit emphasizes an assets-based approach, focusing on neighborhood strengths and engaging residents in creative climate action projects. It also addresses broader neighborhood concerns like youth development, safety, and cultural traditions. 


Climate action, neighborhood engagement, assets-based approach, project development, community participation

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