Social Enterprise Toolkit

A toolkit for social enterprises, including various exercises, strategies, and advice to help organizations succeed. It covers topics such as storytelling, defining objectives, understanding values, and conducting a SWOT analysis. The material encourages critical thinking and strategic planning.

Target Audience: Individuals, groups, and communities in Ireland interested in social enterprise.


Community Finance Ireland



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Who is this for?

For anyone interested in social enterprise, providing tools and exercises to develop the right product and understand the market. It is likely useful for entrepreneurs, business owners, or anyone involved in social enterprises

Useful Questions this can answer

·         What are the best practices for managing a community group?

·         What legal structures are available for community organizations?

·         How can an organization ensure compliance with GDPR?

·         What resources are available for specific sectors such as sports, recreation, and youth?

·         What national policies and strategies are relevant to community groups?

Additional Valuable Info & Insights

The document emphasizes the importance of understanding your market, defining your product’s unique value proposition, and setting the right product price.

It also highlights the need for a clear mission, objectives, and values for your organization.

There is a focus on conducting a thorough SWOT analysis to understand your opportunities and threats in comparison to your competitors.

Advice on seeking support and advice from Local Enterprise Offices or Local Development Companies is also provided


Social Enterprise, Mission Statement, Storytelling, Values and Principles, Objective Setting, Networking, Visibility and Branding, Social Impact, Support and Resources, Innovation and Creativity

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February 9, 2024