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Community Futures Environmental Initiative from CARO

This presentation acts as a comprehensive plan, offering resources and guidance for Co Mayo’s Community Futures groups and other communities keen on combating climate change. It encompasses an overview of current initiatives, a detailed program proposal, future strategies, necessary resources, and a toolkit for practical application.

Target Audience: Communities, local leaders, and individuals actively engaged or interested in climate change initiatives and sustainable community development.

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Who is this for?

The document is for communities, local governments, and organizations interested in climate action and community development. It discusses the Community Futures Programme and how it can be adapted for local climate action, making it relevant for those involved in community planning and sustainability efforts

Useful Questions this can answer

·         What are the existing Community Futures groups and how are they involved with the Goes Green program?

·         Can you provide more information about the population and housing stock in County Mayo?

·         What actions have been implemented by the Tourmakeady Community in relation to the Goes Green program?

Additional Valuable Info & Insights

●      The manual and toolkit will be developed by Mayo County Council and CARO, with input from the training workshops, the Community Futures Steering Group, and external agencies. There is an intention to launch the Manual/Toolkit at the final workshop in December 2019.

●      The document includes details on how climate change will affect communities and provides step-by-step guides for assessing local vulnerabilities to climate change.

●      Case studies of community adaptation and action examples are included.

The necessary resources for implementing the program are also mentioned.


Community Futures, Program Proposal, County Mayo, Manual & Toolkit,

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