Creating a Strong Community Structure

Getting an effective team together is a vital step in the community journey to sustainability.

We have broken down the actions and resources needed into the five areas below. You can dig deeper into each section to build your capacities and skills in each area.

You don’t have to know everything yourself – a key skill to have is finding out who in your group is best to look into that particular area on behalf of the group.

Find out about what the resources are below

Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives

Tools that focus on developing sustainability organisations


these examine the challenges to this specific area of community action, and  provide guidance on how to overcome them.

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Creating a firm foundation for your group will mean that you will go on to grow strongly.


These resources will tell you about how to best set up a community group choosing the system that works best for you.

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Community Engagement and Stakeholder Management

Getting an effective team together.


This involves a key process called stakeholder engagement: this means identifying who the people and other groups are in your community who are aligned with your aims and who can help you on your sustainability journey.
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Developing Your Community Organisation

Guidance on how to set up a voluntary or community organization


This is a set of resources that will offer you guidance on how to set up a voluntary or community organization, covering critical topics such as identifying community needs, forming a dedicated team, deciding on a suitable organizational structure.
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Project Management and Soft Skills Development

Examples of how and where to build your skills


Your community group does not need to re-invent the wheel. There are many successful groups who have gone on this journey before you. They can help you develop are some of the key skills that you will need. The resources shown here are key information sources as well as examples of how and where to build your skills.
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